C-ute’s new single, “LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta”, has a lot of la‘s, including an amazingly long ending sequence of 124 la‘s, as maiZe noted not too long ago. While this song no doubt contains more la‘s than any other Hello! Project release to date, it turns out that it does not have the longest sequence of consecutive la‘s. Any preliminary guesses as to what song holds that title? :-o

So, stricken as I was with curiosity, I wondered what other long sequences of la‘s there are, and Googling through ProjectHello, I put together a list of the fifteen longest la sequences, not counting those that appear within songs containing even longer la sequences. Not that all those other nonsense syllables out there are insignificant, of course, but la seems to be the most common, by a landslide.

I now present the 15 longest la sequences in the Hello! Project library, or at least those I could find, as I have no intention of checking to see if I’ve missed anything. In video format even! Now you can listen along for an entire whopping six and a half minutes of nonstop la-ness (to improve the flow, I cut out some of the fadeout sections, so not all the la‘s are there, but there are still close to a thousand left). Here they are from shortest (19 la‘s) to longest (136 la‘s). Some of them contain other utterances besides la, but they’re not part of the main melody, so I don’t consider them to be interrupting the flow of la‘s. If you’re still breathing when it’s over, you’re better off than I am.

EDIT: As Vee pointed out, I missed Morning Musume’s “Chotto Ikashita Pure Boy” (2002), which has 68 la‘s by my count.

EDIT 2: I also missed Morning Musume’s “Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU” (2002), which has 81 la‘s. If v-u-den’s upcoming cover version manages to beat this, I’ll be impressed.

EDIT 3: Even more omissions, for which I blame my bad Googling skillz:
Morning Musume – Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (2001): 26
Boo Takagi & Morning Musume, Coconuts Musume, Fujimoto Miki, Ishii Rika – Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (Hawaiian version) (2002): 26
Morning Musume – Suki na Senpai (2002): 26
Matsuura Aya – Egao (2007): 27
Berryz Koubou – Arigatou! Otomadachi. (2005): 36
Morning Musume – Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (2006): 37
Morning Musume – HELLO TO YOU ~Hello! Project 10 Shuunen Kinen Theme~ (2007): 37 (with some wow‘s and yeah‘s, but they can be argued to be not part of the main melody)

I’m telling you, Tsunku is a genius.