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Congratulations to the following people, who submitted correct solutions to my puzzle contest prior to the deadline:

(Time puzzle was posted: 2008-04-21 18:55 UTC.)

Name Time of Submission
Celestia 2008-04-22 05:47 UTC
kyttyee 2008-04-24 06:41 UTC
maiZe 2008-04-25 03:06 UTC


Celestia is the big winner of this contest, but has generously declined the prize, so the $20 gift certificate will be going to kyttyee instead. Apologies to maiZe for not having a second prize. :( Maybe you’ll win next time! I have more puzzles planned…. :)

Here is a complete solution. (Lots o’ spoilers, so don’t take a peek if you want to do the puzzle on your own.)


Key and Tempo Chart

A list of all Hello! Project recordings that come with an instrumental track, along with their key and tempo information.

Celestia at Bikkuri Project has posted a new puzzle contest. It is awesome. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

It is so awesome, in fact, that I’ve been inspired to create another puzzle of my own. This one, I think, is more interesting than my previous effort, Hello! Project no Puzzle desu yo., and there’s no agonizing preliminary stage of mindlessly looking up stuff. (This still probably requires some looking up stuff, but it’s definitely not mindless.)

So. Enjoy, good luck, have fun, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a prize…



  1. Submit your solution as a comment. I will approve each comment, so your submissions will not be seen by anyone else. (You may also submit normal comments, but I may edit them if I feel you’re giving away anything.)
  2. Only the filled-in grid is considered for correctness. You do not need to submit titles, artist names, or any other information attained during intermediate stages of puzzle-solving.
  3. Submissions should contain either a text representation of the grid or a link to an image of the grid.
  4. You may submit any number of possible solutions, though please keep your guesses to a minimum.
  5. You may submit incomplete solutions, but you should be aware that you will not benefit from this in any way, as you will neither increase your chances of winning a prize nor receive any feedback.
  6. I will also not confirm correct solutions, but it should be obvious if you’re successful.
  7. This contest ends on 2008 May 21 at 23:59:59 UTC. 2008 April 28 at 23:59:59 UTC. I changed the deadline because I think there is a high probability of someone solving the puzzle within a couple of days, and I didn’t want to wait too long to announce the winner and release the answers. My intention is to refrain from announcing any results until after April 28, so that people are still motivated to do the puzzle even after someone has correctly solved it, but not have too long a wait so people don’t lose interest altogether.
  8. After the contest is over, I will post a list of the names of everyone submitting a correct solution before the deadline. If you wish to have your name listed, please explicitly include your name, with your preferred formatting, in the body of your submission or in the name field of your comment. Otherwise, I will assume you wish to be anonymous. If you include your name and state that you wish to remain anonymous, you will remain anonymous.
  9. The first person to submit a correct and complete solution wins a 20 USD gift certificate. If no one submits a correct solution by the deadline, no one wins.
  10. Since I’m offering a monetary prize, I request that you work individually on this puzzle and not share information with others who are working on it. You may use others as reference sources, but please do not discuss your progress through the puzzle itself.
  11. I may post hints later. See hints below.


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Well, since announcing my hiatus, I’ve gotten a bit of work done. Not as much as I would have liked, but still a good deal. And having finished a quiz earlier today (and hopefully done well on it), I’ve decided to take a break and catch up on some blogging this afternoon.

I see some significant H!P-related developments have taken place since last I posted …

No comment, but some of it makes me very happy. ^_^

I’d also like to report that over the last several months, two of my hallmates have become Hello! Project fans, partly due to things I’ve done like host public showings of Mini Moni the Movie. ^_^ In addition, two others have a significant interest in J-music, if not necessarily H!P, and a third has been interested in foreign-language music, including Morning Musume, even before I discovered H!P. So including me, that’s at least 6 out of 40 students on the hall who are J-music fans, or 15%! Unbelievable.

Then again, this might not be so unusual considering I’m at MIT, and there’s probably a higher proportion here both of quirky people and of international students than most other places.

OK, I’ll try to work on another post for tonight, probably the next installment of the Countdown…

Lately, I’ve been letting my love of Hello! Project take over my life, to the point where I’ve been neglecting schoolwork and other important things in favor of pointlessly browsing the web and reading or watching the same things over and over again or staying up late to perfect a remix when I have assignments due the next day. So as much as I love blogging and remixing and reading other people’s blogs, I’m afraid I need to take care of more important things that I’ve been ignoring. Therefore I’ve decided to go on an indefinite hiatus and not allow myself to do anything H!P or J-pop related until I’ve gotten everything back on track (I’m making it indefinite to motivate myself to get things done more quickly). So with that, I’ll take my leave, and I hope to be back soon. Thanks for your support.

MilkyWay’s new PV for “AnataBoshi” is out:

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DJ Kirarin☆Snow ☃'s remixes are now appearing at K!☆Mixed.
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