Well, since announcing my hiatus, I’ve gotten a bit of work done. Not as much as I would have liked, but still a good deal. And having finished a quiz earlier today (and hopefully done well on it), I’ve decided to take a break and catch up on some blogging this afternoon.

I see some significant H!P-related developments have taken place since last I posted …

No comment, but some of it makes me very happy. ^_^

I’d also like to report that over the last several months, two of my hallmates have become Hello! Project fans, partly due to things I’ve done like host public showings of Mini Moni the Movie. ^_^ In addition, two others have a significant interest in J-music, if not necessarily H!P, and a third has been interested in foreign-language music, including Morning Musume, even before I discovered H!P. So including me, that’s at least 6 out of 40 students on the hall who are J-music fans, or 15%! Unbelievable.

Then again, this might not be so unusual considering I’m at MIT, and there’s probably a higher proportion here both of quirky people and of international students than most other places.

OK, I’ll try to work on another post for tonight, probably the next installment of the Countdown…