Celestia at Bikkuri Project has posted a new puzzle contest. It is awesome. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

It is so awesome, in fact, that I’ve been inspired to create another puzzle of my own. This one, I think, is more interesting than my previous effort, Hello! Project no Puzzle desu yo., and there’s no agonizing preliminary stage of mindlessly looking up stuff. (This still probably requires some looking up stuff, but it’s definitely not mindless.)

So. Enjoy, good luck, have fun, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a prize…



  1. Submit your solution as a comment. I will approve each comment, so your submissions will not be seen by anyone else. (You may also submit normal comments, but I may edit them if I feel you’re giving away anything.)
  2. Only the filled-in grid is considered for correctness. You do not need to submit titles, artist names, or any other information attained during intermediate stages of puzzle-solving.
  3. Submissions should contain either a text representation of the grid or a link to an image of the grid.
  4. You may submit any number of possible solutions, though please keep your guesses to a minimum.
  5. You may submit incomplete solutions, but you should be aware that you will not benefit from this in any way, as you will neither increase your chances of winning a prize nor receive any feedback.
  6. I will also not confirm correct solutions, but it should be obvious if you’re successful.
  7. This contest ends on 2008 May 21 at 23:59:59 UTC. 2008 April 28 at 23:59:59 UTC. I changed the deadline because I think there is a high probability of someone solving the puzzle within a couple of days, and I didn’t want to wait too long to announce the winner and release the answers. My intention is to refrain from announcing any results until after April 28, so that people are still motivated to do the puzzle even after someone has correctly solved it, but not have too long a wait so people don’t lose interest altogether.
  8. After the contest is over, I will post a list of the names of everyone submitting a correct solution before the deadline. If you wish to have your name listed, please explicitly include your name, with your preferred formatting, in the body of your submission or in the name field of your comment. Otherwise, I will assume you wish to be anonymous. If you include your name and state that you wish to remain anonymous, you will remain anonymous.
  9. The first person to submit a correct and complete solution wins a 20 USD YesAsia.com gift certificate. If no one submits a correct solution by the deadline, no one wins.
  10. Since I’m offering a monetary prize, I request that you work individually on this puzzle and not share information with others who are working on it. You may use others as reference sources, but please do not discuss your progress through the puzzle itself.
  11. I may post hints later. See hints below.



  1. Fill in the grid with the correct answers, using the clues to guide you.
  2. Each answer is a single word (sequence of consecutive letters) and occupies a block of consecutive squares extending across a row or down a column on the grid, with one letter per square, as in a traditional crossword.
  3. The clues are “translations” of original titles; for example, Morning Musume’s “I WISH” could be encoded as “The speaker holds a hope for a situation contrary to current circumstances.” Some interpretations may be more literal than intended, and some may use an unexpected meaning of an ambiguous word or phrase. (Some may be all-out bad, due to my terrible Japanese; if this is the case, please notify me, and I’ll try to fix it.) These translations may or may not be faithful to subtle nuances of Hello! Project’s unorthodox and often bizarre punctuation.
  4. All titles are of audio tracks released by Hello! Project.
  5. When filling in the grid, please ignore all characters that are not among the 26 letters of the basic Latin alphabet (A through Z). This includes, but is not limited to, Arabic numerals, Japanese kanji and kana characters, Greek and Cyrillic letters, mathematical symbols, musical notation, punctuation, spaces, ampersands, hearts, stars, circles, squares, triangles, and other typographical oddities. If one of these appears between Latin characters, treat the sequences of consecutive Latin letters on either side as separate words. This rule applies even to hyphens and apostrophes: the letters on either side of an apostrophe or a hyphen constitute distinct words. For example, if you’re trying to put YOU’RE into the grid, you should consider it to be two words YOU and RE that go in two different places on the grid.
  6. For Latin characters, case is not significant. A capital A and a lowercase a are equivalent. Letters with accents or diacritics are equivalent to analogous unmarked letters. Furthermore, monospaced representations of Latin characters with a different encoding (LIKE THIS) should be treated as normal Latin characters.
  7. Each clue indicates where in the grid you should place the answer(s) corresponding to it. Numbers denote the starting square of a word. Slashes ( / ) indicate that an answer should be filled in in two places. Asterisks ( * ) correspond to words that should not be entered into the grid.
  8. Knowledge of Japanese is not strictly required to solve this puzzle, but may be helpful. Familiarity with the Japanese writing systems is probably not useful.
  9. Familiarity with the Latin alphabet is very useful.
  10. If there is a discrepancy regarding information about a title, the official Hello! Project discography is correct. A number of artists are missing from this page, however. For those cases, please refer to these sources:

    If anyone is still missing, they are irrelevant.

  11. You may find other, non-official sources to be more helpful, however. Feel free to use whatever you wish.



(highlight to read)

  • Read everything carefully.
  • This is not a straightforward crossword.
  • It is not necessary to decipher every clued title to solve the puzzle.
  • If your being unable to figure out a title is preventing you from filling in part of the grid, try forgetting about the clue and thinking instead about what could possibly fill in that part of the grid.
  • Consider using a crossword helper. I recommend this one: http://casr.adelaide.edu.au/craig/wow.html


The Puzzle

Hello! Project cross/word

There are two sides to every single issue.



1 * For an adolescent woman, every required undertaking must be undertaken.
2/27 In place of farewell.
3 * Prismatic arch of preautumnal Jamaican music.
3 * The most stylish land of the rising sun.
4 * * Merriment; reception of cheer.
* 5 Foxy lady of the type most comprehensible in Anglophone regions.
6 * * Salutatory leitmotif performed by a golden quintet.
* * * 7 Postpenultimate pitch-black period.
* 7 25 * Settlement characterized by estival nocturnal intervals.
* * 8 One is obliged to transform the feeling in question into a state of mutual attraction, from the perspective of a particular six-person ensemble.
10 23 47 A certain subset of the group of masculine juvenile persons engage in the activity of approaching and achieving physical contact.
10/45 * 9 * Keep in memory in perpetuity, a kind of stone.
11 * * Separated from the present location by an excessive displacement: the circulatory center of a female human.
14 * 18 Representatives of the untitled age.
15 * Crimson journal.
* 16 Maizepuff passion.
* 17 Illusions in the capital of Kanagawa.
19 Unreciprocated desire in spite of the continuance of social contact.
20 * * Assuming an oneiric existence.
21 Hydrogenless, lithiumless elemental sample containing 213 protons, perhaps.
22 Dazzling dermis.
* * 22 Uncoarse affect.
24 42 13 Labial caress delivered as a gesture of insincere interest.
26 44 * Heaven for two.
26 48 Devotion of a decade’s duration.
28 * * Tonal declaration of romance in the heart of Kansai.
29 * Seriousness rapidly expresses the emotion conveyed by the stylized depiction of a cardiac organ; time quickly does likewise.
29 * 12 A troika of waterfowl exhibits a ballroom dance in 3/4 time.
31 Process of recruiting sweethearts.
* 32 I attained affection.
* * 32 Guardian from the Profound Adoration Corps.
* 34 * * Companionless capitulation.
* 35 First-person intentions.
36 Almost always, ’tis thee.
37 Make haste, lass; the triumph of a heart’s sentiment.
* * 38 Almost surpassing the limits; endure in a condition of infatuation.
39 1 Commence the specified action at this instant.
40 * * Resembling a recreational diversion.
* * 40 Certainly there is a location in which a scarlet string may be found.
41 * * * It is necessary to provide for you.
* 42 Boyfriend’s away on vacation.
43 Joy.
46 * Voici destiny.
46 33 * Stimulant beverage consumed at daybreak, of the particular variety brewed during the first palindromic year of the third millennium of the Common Era.
49 * 30 My space-time coordinates are aligned with those of the immediate environment.