I had a dream last night where my friend and I were visiting Hello! Project Land, which was like the H!P counterpart to Disneyland. And we were walking through the Kirarin☆Land section of the park (where “Chance!” was playing on the loudspeakers) and I wondered if that was what they named the album after…

Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything else…. >.<

But anyway …



If you were put off by the excessive verbiage of my last puzzle, here’s a treat for you (perhaps): this one’s a wordless puzzle, so much so that I’ve obscured all the text in the puzzle. And this time there’s no nitpicking about what is or isn’t the correct way to spell or format something. Spell stuff however you want to. There isn’t even a grid to fill in.



  1. Submit your solution as a comment. I will approve each comment, so your submissions will not be seen by anyone else. (You may also submit normal comments, but I may edit them if I feel you’re giving away anything.)
  2. Only the final answer is needed. You do not need to submit information found during intermediate stages of the puzzle.
  3. The final answer should be included in the text of your submission. There is no single correct spelling/formatting of the answer; anything reasonably close enough will be judged correct.
  4. You may submit any number of possible solutions, though please keep your guesses to a minimum.
  5. You may submit partial solutions, but you should be aware that you will not benefit from this in any way, as you will neither increase your chances of winning a prize nor receive any feedback.
  6. I will also not confirm correct solutions, but if you got the right answer, it should be somewhat obvious that it’s right.
  7. This contest ends on 2008 May 29 at 23:59:59 UTC.
  8. After the contest is over, I will post a list of the names of everyone submitting a correct solution before the deadline. If you wish to have your name listed, please explicitly include your name, with your preferred formatting, in the body of your submission or in the name field of your comment. Otherwise, I will assume you wish to be anonymous. If you include your name and state that you wish to remain anonymous, you will remain anonymous.
  9. The first person to submit a correct solution wins a 20 USD YesAsia.com gift certificate. If no one submits a correct solution by the deadline, no one wins.
  10. Unlike the last contest, you may feel free to consult others for help or collaborate on this puzzle. However, there will still be only a single prize. So use your own judgment as to how much information you are willing to share, and how you want to divvy up the prize. If you are collaborating and are submitting an answer, the person who submits it will get the prize (if it’s correct and ahead of other correct submissions). If you wish to have the names of your collaborators listed on the Wall of Awesome, you may include their names in your submission.
  11. I may post hints later. Some hints have been added to the new Hints section below.



  1. Don’t fill in the grid. There isn’t even a grid to fill in.
  2. Don’t do anything illegal, or at least don’t get caught.
  3. Don’t forget to do whatever else you should be doing instead of this puzzle.
  4. Don’t follow these instructions. They’re useless.
  5. The final answer is a word or short phrase that has something to do with Hello! Project.



  1. Knowledge of Japanese is not required to solve this puzzle, and I have no idea how helpful it might be.
  2. Having a large collection of H!P releases is probably very helpful. However, it is possible to solve this puzzle using publicly available web resources alone, especially if you know where to look (see hints). You don’t necessarily need to own any H!P product.
  3. For the purposes of this puzzle, it is not relevant whether a disc is part of a limited-edition release or a regular-edition release.
  4. If there is a discrepancy regarding information about anything, the official Hello! Project discography is correct. Missing artists are irrelevant.
  5. You may find other, non-official sources to be more helpful, however. Feel free to use whatever you wish.
  6. Some of these images were scanned/uploaded by other people. I will give them individual credit in the solutions.



  1. To state the obvious, identifying these discs is a good idea.
  2. To state the not-so-obvious, think about what kind of information you want to have about these discs.
  3. If you’re having trouble identifying them, remember that Google does not give you direct access to the entire Internet. In particular, for this task, you may have better luck searching on an auction site like eBay (http://www.ebay.com). For best results, try using one of the popular auction sites in Japan like Yahoo! Japan Auctions (http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp) or Bidders (http://www.bidders.co.jp). People often post photos of the products they’re selling.
  4. The discs are given to you in a certain order. This may help in identifying them.
  5. The discs need to put in another order. There are clues pointing to what order this is.
  6. Pay attention to whether the center of each disc is black or white.
  7. There are three groups.
  8. How many discs are there in each group?
  9. Each group should be grouped together.
  10. Pay attention to the “PUZZLE! TIME” image and the text below it.


The Puzzle

Every single issue will be addressed in time.