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Seems I haven’t updated this thing ages… since before Koha’s graduation announcement even … :o

I’d like to resume blogging, though; I have a boatload of planned and unfinished posts (nothing like going on a hiatus in the middle of a series…), and hopefully they’ll appear sometime.

Anyway … a few days ago, I was reading Koha’s blog, and noticed that she had just announced appearing on Ameba Pigg. She had done so the day before too, and I had made myself a Pigg account and ventured into the unknown to look for her, but without success. According to her posts, she had been hanging out in the Niigata area of the “Furusato” section, among other locations.

So this time, since she hinted that she’d be somewhere outside of Tokyo (and would be wearing a green jersey), I headed back to the “Furusato” section and picked the first room that wasn’t full, which was the Iwate room….

*blink* This place seems lively…

(That’s me in the purple odango and glasses and an orange triangle above my head. Due to having no Ameba money, I hadn’t been able to afford any outfit more interesting than the basic options…)


It’s a Koha!



Koha gets ambushed by a mob of fans….

… and escapes, only to be re-ambushed…

Here’s her info box thing, and me saying “Konnichi pa”. The clueless person at the bottom is confused and asking who Koha is. XD

The ambush continues…

Koha requests that everyone read her blog and not to block her from view (by crowding too closely around her).

I contribute a “sine cosine tangent“.

Koha says “sarang hae yo” (“I love you” in Korean) in hiragana to everyone. ♥
Coincidentally, I’m right in front of her (sorry for blocking you, Koha! ._.)

Koha telling people she can’t be seen because everyone’s blocking her… T_T

Pyon pyon revolution?

And then she vanished. :o

Also, Koha says (here, fourth response from the bottom) her strongest subjects are probably math and music. :D I knew it! Koha and her amazing abacus skillz

Seems half of my favorite H!P members, past and present, love math. :p ^_^

(with a little translation help from Murr–thanks!)


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