At long last, I have finished revising and editing my English translation of Koharu Kusumi’s autobiography, A Career Change at 17 (17歳の転職, 17sai no Tenshoku), published two years ago on February 10. I was trying to release it on February 10 this year, but didn’t quite make it for either Japan time, UTC, or my time zone, but it’s still February 10 in some time zones, so I guess that still qualifies as releasing it on the second anniversary of the book’s publication.

I sent Koharu a previous draft of it for her birthday last year but have made a number of edits to it since.

So for all of you waiting to read what Koha has to say about her life growing up in the Niigata countryside, her auditioning for Morning Musume。, or her interests in food and health, now you can do so without having to struggle to read it in Japanese if that is not your forte. That said, Koha and all of the staff involved in publishing this book are not getting any revenue from this unauthorized translation in any way, so I would strongly encourage you to support Koha by purchasing a copy of the book yourself, especially if you enjoy reading it. Think of this as a supplement to the original work to make it more accessible to English-speaking readers rather than a substitution for it.

17sai no Tenshoku

You can buy a copy (or several) from one of the following online merchants, or another of your choice:

So without further ado, here is my translated version of the book, in 3 versions (each 12 MB):

(EDIT (March 7): A few typos and other small errors have been corrected.)

You can also download these files on the Hello!Online tracker.