Hello! This is a mostly Hello! Project-themed blog for an intended audience of Hello! Project fans and interested passersby. Despite the central theme, the subject matter ranges widely and often plunges deep into highly technical areas, including, but not limited to, mathematics, computer science, physics, linguistics, philosophy, literature, music theory, history, astronomy, biology, psychology, anthropology, geography, gender studies, and puzzles.

I, the author, go by the name of Kirarin☆Snow ☃, but am also known as K for short, and have been called various other things. Currently, I’m a doctoral student in linguistics at a research university in Chicago, Illinois, USA, that does not have an engineering school (which is rather unusual). Ironically (perhaps), I was formerly a student of math and computer science at some unknown tech school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Other blogs I operate:

  • K!☆Mixed ☃ — a remix blog
  • Koi☆Kappa — a Koharu Kusumi and Airi Suzuki fanblog (or something), co-authored with some other folks
  • Café Buono! — a Hello! Project cookblog co-authored with SuperHappyGenki