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Hihihi… I’m a-changing my main handle to

Kirarin☆Snow ☃

(not to be confused with the Veoh user by the name of kirarinsnow … my handle has a STAR, or alternatively a space/dash/exclamation point if you’re not Unicode-compliant)

I’ll respond to Kawaiirrhea, but that name’s getting kind of old, and everyone (including me) keeps misspelling that pesky double i double r (which is now separated into nonconsecutive i‘s and r‘s). So I am now

Kirarin☆Snow ☃


Konnichi pa! コンニチパ!!!! Konnichi pa pa kon nichi pa!!

I’ve gone by various names over the last couple of months, including the following (you can trace the etymology of Kirarin☆Snow ☃ accordingly):


⁂ Kirarin☆Snow ⁂ ☃

I’ll respond to any of the above, as well as these alternate transliterations in various writing systems (I’m not an expert at most of these, so please correct me if I mangle the orthography of your language…):

Kirarin☆Snow ☃
きらりん☆スノー ☃
キラリン☆スノー ☃
きらりん☆すの〜 ☃
キラリン☆すの〜 ☃
kiɾaɾiɴ☆snoʊ ☃
Κιραριν☆Σνω ☃
Кирарин☆Сно ☃
키라린☆시노 ☃
כררן☆סנו ☃
किररिन☆सनो่่ ☃
คิระริง☆สโนว์ ☃
ਕੀਰਰੀਨ☆ਸਨੋ ☃
કિરરિન☆સનો ☃
Կիռառին☆Սնո ☃

Gah! My eyes! I can’t take any more of this! Sorry if I didn’t get to your writing system.


Well, since announcing my hiatus, I’ve gotten a bit of work done. Not as much as I would have liked, but still a good deal. And having finished a quiz earlier today (and hopefully done well on it), I’ve decided to take a break and catch up on some blogging this afternoon.

I see some significant H!P-related developments have taken place since last I posted …

No comment, but some of it makes me very happy. ^_^

I’d also like to report that over the last several months, two of my hallmates have become Hello! Project fans, partly due to things I’ve done like host public showings of Mini Moni the Movie. ^_^ In addition, two others have a significant interest in J-music, if not necessarily H!P, and a third has been interested in foreign-language music, including Morning Musume, even before I discovered H!P. So including me, that’s at least 6 out of 40 students on the hall who are J-music fans, or 15%! Unbelievable.

Then again, this might not be so unusual considering I’m at MIT, and there’s probably a higher proportion here both of quirky people and of international students than most other places.

OK, I’ll try to work on another post for tonight, probably the next installment of the Countdown…

Lately, I’ve been letting my love of Hello! Project take over my life, to the point where I’ve been neglecting schoolwork and other important things in favor of pointlessly browsing the web and reading or watching the same things over and over again or staying up late to perfect a remix when I have assignments due the next day. So as much as I love blogging and remixing and reading other people’s blogs, I’m afraid I need to take care of more important things that I’ve been ignoring. Therefore I’ve decided to go on an indefinite hiatus and not allow myself to do anything H!P or J-pop related until I’ve gotten everything back on track (I’m making it indefinite to motivate myself to get things done more quickly). So with that, I’ll take my leave, and I hope to be back soon. Thanks for your support.

DJ Kawaiirrhea has a new remix blog:


I’ve decided to move all of my remix posts to a separate blog because they were taking over ★MINI MONI MANIA★ and also because I’m not sure how certain entities feel about remixes, so I’d rather not risk having the entire blog shut down for having them.

I’ll be putting up new remixes there, and the existing ones will remain on ★MINI MONI MANIA★ for another day or so.

Welcome to yet another H!P-related blog. I’ve been lurking around the H!P blogosphere for the last couple of months and have finally decided to announce my existence, so here I am. Greetings. I am … uh … I have a couple of Internet handles but they date back to like high school and I need a new one. Let’s see… since this an H!P blog, and H!P is partly responsible for my coining a new word back in November or so, I’ll go with Kawaiirrhea. Here’s a definition:

kawaiirrhea (or kawaiirrhoea) [kʰəˌwaɪəˈɹiːə] n.
: an overwhelming feeling of being inundated with extreme cuteness, as often occurs in conjunction with experiencing the output of Hello! Project
(from Japanese kawaii ‘cute’ + Greek rhoia ‘flow’)

I’m a college student living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and taking probably too many courses, so I won’t be posting too frequently, except when I’m procrastinating, which happens frequently.

I will mainly be writing about topics related to Hello! Project and to a lesser extent, other elements of the J-Pop landscape. Also, since I’m something of a (multi-disciplinary) geek, you may find random unexpected intrusions from math, computer science, physics, linguistics, or literature (or other fields). Don’t worry; it makes sense … I think.

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