Like Celestia’s puzzle, this one involves deciphering paraphrased/translated song titles. If you just jump in and uncover a few titles, you’ll probably notice that they don’t seem to fit into the crossword grid at all, even following the instructions. In fact, many titles don’t even have Latin characters in them (in the original, official formatting), so you can’t put them anywhere, according to the instructions. What to do?

Well, this puzzle is a crossword with a twist … literally. The first thing you might notice is that the grid is flipped and appears backward. Only when you click on it do you see the normal view of the grid. This is a clue.

Another clue is the boldfaced characters in the title image: Hello! Project cross/word. These characters form the string c/w, which is short for coupled with or combined with or cruddypieceofjunkcantsellonitsown withoutanothertracktogowithit (I forget which), a Hello! Project designation for what is also commonly referred to as a B-side.

A third clue is given in the mysterious piece of tautological-seeming text at the top of the grid: There are two sides to every single issue. This is a delicious triple pun of a sentence. Besides the usual meaning of Every topic of debate has two opposing viewpoints, one can interpret issue as meaning release, every single as meaning each single (as opposed to each album), and sides as meaning tracks (as in A-side and B-side). What this is saying, then, is Each release in the single format has two tracks. Not strictly true, but if you ignore instrumentals and alternate versions of tracks, then most Hello! Project singles have two distinct tracks. The exceptions have conveniently been ignored for the purposes of this puzzle (though one almost-exception does appear, but I think it’s distinct enough to count).

So, putting all of these together, we have a bunch of clues for song titles, a flipped grid that doesn’t match those titles, and something about singles having two sides. Since the grid is flipped, you’re essentially looking at the back side of it. To fill it in normally, you’d need to be looking at the front side. But the clues are given under the back side. The reason the clued titles don’t fit into the grid is because they’re back-side titles and not front-side titles. What you need to do, then, is find the corresponding front-side titles.

To do this, simply locate the single releases that contain each of the titles. With one exception, there should only be one single that contains the title as given. Each release has two distinct tracks, other than alternate versions and instrumentals, and the title is one of them. The other title is what you’re supposed to use to fill in the grid.

Following the instructions, strip these titles (as written in the official sources given in the instructions) of all non-Latin-alphabet characters, and you’ll notice that the remaining groups of words correspond in cardinality with the sets of numbers and asterisks adjacent to the clues. Simply match them up (I should have reversed these for good measure, but whatever), and you’ll have a set of paired words and grid locations (ignore the words paired with asterisks). Now simply fill them into the grid, as in a standard crossword. And that’s it.

Here is a table of all clues, their corresponding titles and artists, their coupled tracks, the answer words from those coupled tracks’ titles (boldfaced words are the ones entered into the grid), and those words’ grid locations:

Clue Title Artist Coupled track Answer words Grid location
For an adolescent woman, every required undertaking must be undertaken. Yarutokya Yaranakya Onna no Ko Tanpopo BE HAPPY 恋のやじろべえ BE HAPPY 1 *
In place of farewell. Sayonara no Kawari ni Morning Musume 笑顔YESヌード YES 2/27
Prismatic arch of preautumnal Jamaican music. Summer Reggae! Rainbow 7nin Matsuri HELLO!また会おうね(7人祭 version) HELLO VERSION 3 *
The most stylish land of the rising sun. Kacchoii ze! JAPAN v-u-den 美〜Hit Parade〜 HIT PARADE 3 *
Merriment; reception of cheer. Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~ Berryz Koubou 友情 純情 oh 青春(映画「Promise Land 〜クローバーズの大冒険〜」主題歌) OH PROMISE LAND 4 * *
Foxy lady of the type most comprehensible in Anglophone regions. Zurui Onna (English Version) Coconuts Musume DANCE & CHANCE DANCE CHANCE * 5
Salutatory leitmotif performed by a golden quintet. Hello! no Theme (Kiiro 5 version) Kiiro 5 黄色いお空で BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM 6 * *
Postpenultimate pitch-black period. THE LAST NIGHT Matsuura Aya DO YOU LOVE ME? DO YOU LOVE ME * * * 7
Settlement characterized by estival nocturnal intervals. Summer Night Town Morning Musume A MEMORY OF SUMMER ’98 A MEMORY OF SUMMER * 7 25 *
One is obliged to transform the feeling in question into a state of mutual attraction, from the perspective of a particular six-person ensemble. Gatamekira (ZYX Ver.) ZYX 行くZYX! FLY HIGH ZYX FLY HIGH * * 8
A certain subset of the group of masculine juvenile persons engage in the activity of approaching and achieving physical contact. SOME BOYS! TOUCH Goto Maki ALL OF US ALL OF US 10 23 47
Keep in memory in perpetuity, a kind of stone. Never Forget (Rock Ver.) Morning Musume AS FOR ONE DAY AS FOR ONE DAY 10/45 * 9 *
Separated from the present location by an excessive displacement: the circulatory center of a female human. Too far away ~Onna no Kokoro~ Abe Natsumi Too far away TOO FAR AWAY 11 * *
Representatives of the untitled age. Namonaki Generation Miyoshi Chinatsu Unchain My Heart UNCHAIN MY HEART 14 * 18
Crimson journal. Akai Nikkicho Akagumi 4 Hello!のテーマ(あか組4version) HELLO VERSION 15 *
Maizepuff passion. Popcorn Love! Morning Musume Mr.Moonlight〜愛のビッグバンド MR MOONLIGHT * 16
Illusions in the capital of Kanagawa. Yokohama Shinkirou Goto Maki BLUE ISLAND BLUE ISLAND * 17
Unreciprocated desire in spite of the continuance of social contact. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi Berryz Koubou 我ら!Berryz仮面 BERRYZ 19
Assuming an oneiric existence. Yume Naraba Abe Natsumi 空 LIFE GOES ON LIFE GOES ON 20 * *
Hydrogenless, lithiumless elemental sample containing 213 protons, perhaps. LU LU LU GAM FAMILY FAMILY 21
Dazzling dermis. Suhada Pichipichi Berryz Koubou 笑っちゃおうよ BOYFRIEND BOYFRIEND 22
Uncoarse affect. Fine Emotion! Morning Musume 浪漫〜MY DEAR BOY〜 MY DEAR BOY * * 22
Labial caress delivered as a gesture of insincere interest. Ofuzake KISS Goto Maki 抱いてよ!PLEASE GO ON PLEASE GO ON 24 42 13
Heaven for two. Futari no Paradise Melon Kinenbi MI DA RA 摩天楼 MI DA RA 26 44 *
Devotion of a decade’s duration. Juunen Ai Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai 僕らが生きる MY ASIA MY ASIA 26 48
Tonal declaration of romance in the heart of Kansai. Osaka Koi no Uta Morning Musume NATURE IS GOOD! NATURE IS GOOD 28 * *
Seriousness rapidly expresses the emotion conveyed by the stylized depiction of a cardiac organ; time quickly does likewise. Honki Meki Meki ♥ Toki Meki Meki ♥ Athena & Robikerottsu 勝利のBIG WAVE!!! BIG WAVE 29 *
A troika of waterfowl exhibits a ballroom dance in 3/4 time. Waltz! Ahiru ga 3ba Pucchi Moni BABY! 恋にKNOCK OUT! BABY KNOCK OUT 29 * 12
Process of recruiting sweethearts. Koibito Boshuuchuu Goto Maki 原色GAL 派手に行くべ! GAL 31
I attained affection. Koi wo Shichaimashita! Tanpopo BABY CRY BABY CRY * 32
Guardian from the Profound Adoration Corps. Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger Nochiura Natsumi LOVE LIKE CRAZY LOVE LIKE CRAZY * * 32
Companionless capitulation. Lonely Surrender Miyoshi Chinatsu Love,Yes I do! LOVE YES I DO * 34 * *
First-person intentions. Watakushi no Yotei Matsuura Aya GOOD BYE 夏男 GOOD BYE * 35
Almost always, ’tis thee. Hotondo ga Anata desu. Melon Kinenbi 肉体は正直なEROS EROS 36
Make haste, lass; the triumph of a heart’s sentiment. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ Morning Musume 恋ING ING 37
Almost surpassing the limits; endure in a condition of infatuation. Afurechau… BE IN LOVE Goto Maki LIKE A GAME LIKE A GAME * * 38
Commence the specified action at this instant. Do it! Now Morning Musume ちょっとイカしたPURE BOY PURE BOY 39 1
Resembling a recreational diversion. LIKE A GAME Goto Maki 溢れちゃう…BE IN LOVE BE IN LOVE 40 * *
Certainly there is a location in which a scarlet string may be found. Kitto Doko ka ni Akai Ito Nakazawa Yuko DO MY BEST DO MY BEST * * 40
It is necessary to provide for you. Sasaete Kurenakucha Heike Michiyo 卒業~TOP OF THE WORLD~ TOP OF THE WORLD 41 * * *
Boyfriend’s away on vacation. Kare, Ryokouchuu Nari Goto Maki うわさのSEXY GUY SEXY GUY * 42
Joy. Happiness Matsuura Aya 砂を噛むように・・・NAMIDA NAMIDA 43
Voici destiny. This is Unmei Melon Kinenbi Wa! かっちょEなッ! WA E 46 *
Stimulant beverage consumed at daybreak, of the particular variety brewed during the first palindromic year of the third millennium of the Common Era. Morning Coffee (2002 version) Morning Musume そうだ!We’re ALIVE WE RE ALIVE 46 33 *
My space-time coordinates are aligned with those of the immediate environment. Koko ni Iruzee! Tsuji Nozomi HAPPY MY FRIEND HAPPY MY FRIEND 49 * 30


And here is the filled-in grid: