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DJ Kawaiirrhea has a new remix blog:


I’ve decided to move all of my remix posts to a separate blog because they were taking over ★MINI MONI MANIA★ and also because I’m not sure how certain entities feel about remixes, so I’d rather not risk having the entire blog shut down for having them.

I’ll be putting up new remixes there, and the existing ones will remain on ★MINI MONI MANIA★ for another day or so.

Today (March 18) is International Wota‘s first birthday!

I’d bake a cake, but I’m hosed and have overdue assignments to turn in…

So here’s some virtual CG cake from the best movie ever made, Mini Moni ja Movie Okashi na Daibouken!:




A number of J-pop blogs on WordPress that posted links to illegal downloads have been taken down in the last couple of days. The following are recent comments I made on International Wota. They may be relevant to people who haven’t seen them there.

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Welcome to yet another H!P-related blog. I’ve been lurking around the H!P blogosphere for the last couple of months and have finally decided to announce my existence, so here I am. Greetings. I am … uh … I have a couple of Internet handles but they date back to like high school and I need a new one. Let’s see… since this an H!P blog, and H!P is partly responsible for my coining a new word back in November or so, I’ll go with Kawaiirrhea. Here’s a definition:

kawaiirrhea (or kawaiirrhoea) [kʰəˌwaɪəˈɹiːə] n.
: an overwhelming feeling of being inundated with extreme cuteness, as often occurs in conjunction with experiencing the output of Hello! Project
(from Japanese kawaii ‘cute’ + Greek rhoia ‘flow’)

I’m a college student living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and taking probably too many courses, so I won’t be posting too frequently, except when I’m procrastinating, which happens frequently.

I will mainly be writing about topics related to Hello! Project and to a lesser extent, other elements of the J-Pop landscape. Also, since I’m something of a (multi-disciplinary) geek, you may find random unexpected intrusions from math, computer science, physics, linguistics, or literature (or other fields). Don’t worry; it makes sense … I think.

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DJ Kirarin☆Snow ☃'s remixes are now appearing at K!☆Mixed.
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