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Happy birthday Koharu!

In celebration of Koha’s birthday (07.15), here are a few double dactyls I’ve composed:



Pancakey pancakey,
Master chef Kirari
Proves she can pancake-sort
Faster than SHIPS.

Quite inexplicably,
This method takes but a
Number of flips.



Flavor Flav, baklava,
Koha-chan’s talk of a
Genuine flavor” is
Just a disguise—

Hard-to-find particle
Actually is quantum
Largest in size.


Hana wo Pu~n

Kirari pikari,
Koha and Mai, though
Experts at tangent and
Cosine and sine

Find themselves thwarted by
Transforms affine.


Konnichi pa

Konnichi pa-pa-pa!
Kirari’s tra-la-la
Seizes the heartstrings and
Moves one to tears.

Poignantly touched by her
Passersby nonetheless
Cover their ears.



More double dactyls are in the works, so stay tuned!

(see Part 2)

Going over the last few installments of Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A, posted in translation at Hello!Online, one might notice a developing interest in mathematics by none other than Michishige Sayumi:


Question: Is there something about which you’ve thought, “Certainly this year, I want to challenge myself with this!”?
Michishige: Math Problems ☆

Question: Fill in the blank to the right with one word. “I’m surprisingly ___”
Michishige: I’m surprisingly intellectual.
Please try to understand that somehow. m(・-・)m

Question: Among your fellow members, what about you makes you think, “At this, I definitely can’t lose!”
Michishige: Simultaneous equations!!


The evidence is indisputable. Sayumi is a math geek. XD

While her fellow MoMusu are busy with more mundane interests, our Sayumi is off challenging herself with math problems (here, Sayu, try Project Euler) and has apparently discovered the wonders of linear algebra (I’m assuming at least some of those simultaneous equations are linear). No doubt Sayumi has mastered the techniques of Gauss-Jordan elimination, Cramer’s rule, and LU decomposition and is well on her way to achieving world domination.

In addition to this, Sayumi has listed Tetris as a hobby and as a “special skill”. This is by far the geekiest interest I’ve seen in any H!P member. Because Tetris is not your average video game. It is a mind-stretching mathematical puzzle, and several of its subproblems are NP-complete. NP-complete, I tell you! This places it in the class of difficult problems that includes Boolean k-satisfiability, determining the existence of a Hamiltonian path, and Minesweeper.

Sayumi is hardcore.

For this, she gets an Excellence in Unabashed Geekitude Award.

And I still need to give Koharu one, don’t I?

Countdown! The Top 100 Hello! Project PVs


My last post has apparently sparked a “laugh riot” of a debate that’s now more than three times as long as my original post. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may find it worth reading. Or maybe not.

As always, I appreciate your feedback, positive or negative. It’s always good to know how effective my communication is.

And now, on to the next batch:

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