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… I’ve just been busy, sorry.

Busy with what, you ask?

Well … I’ve been living it up (?) as a graduate teaching assistant for a course in mathematics for computer science, taken mostly by second-year undergrads, with a total enrollment of around ~180. As part of my duties, I get to teach two sections that meet twice a week and also contribute to writing problems for assignments and quizzes. What fun!

Actually, the making-up-awesome-problems part really is fun! I managed to whip together an entire problem set on the topic of sums and asymptotic relations in which all the problems are Hello! Project-themed.

Alas, after discussion with the other staff members, we decided that while the problems were awesome and hilarious (maybe more so for me than for them), they were a bit on the challenging side, not straightforward enough, and touched on a few topics we weren’t really covering (Problem 4d in particular “would kill the students”). So it got scratched, and a more boring replacement was released instead.

But all is not lost! We’ve decided to release this problem set as optional, not-for-credit “challenge problems”, and you can try them out here:

Hello! Project Challenge Problems (PDF)

If you wish, you can send your solutions to, and I’ll respond with comments.


To start things off, I am announcing a new award given to displays of geekiness and/or celebrations of academic topics in music releases in any format, with special attention given to J-Pop releases. Though the first couple of winners are math-oriented, this award is by no means restricted to math-related stuff. If you would like to nominate any recording, PV, concert clip, etc., for this award, please let me know.

2007 was a truly awesome year, not just because I discovered Hello! Project in July 2007, but also because within four months of my discovering H!P, H!P released two works of such overwhelmingly mathtastic awesomeness that (being a math major) my appreciation for H!P went through the roof.

So these are the first two recipients of the Excellence in Unabashed Geekitude Award. Since I have other stuff I need to be doing today, I’ll save the second for later and write up my reasons for awarding the first award now.

Without further ado, the First Excellence in Unabashed Geekitude Award goes to…

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