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Buono!’s upcoming album, Café Buono!, has nine new tracks, out of a total of twelve. This struck me as quite an impressive number, so I decided to look at H!P’s total album output and see how many original tracks were on each.

I considered all official albums containing work primarily by Hello! Project artists, including mini-albums, best-of albums, and compilation albums, but not including singles, soundtracks, or remix albums. For the purposes of this assessment, “original” refers to tracks not previously released on an official Hello! Project CD, and does not include alternate versions, remixes, rearrangements, instrumentals, covers of recordings previously released by Hello! Project, or openings, endings, and interludes that aren’t complete songs. Covers of non-H!P recordings are included if the artist is the first H!P artist to cover the respective recording, since I have no easy way to determine with certainty whether a song is a cover or not.

Results appear below in Table A, sorted by number of original tracks, and Table B, sorted by release date. I haven’t double-checked these figures, so there may be some errors.

Assuming all of the 9 new tracks are complete songs (this preview suggests that at least 8 of them are), it looks as though Café Buono! beats out most of the competition. Given that the Iida and W albums consist largely of covers, and that Ai no Dai 6 Kan‘s count includes two tracks originally from a musical that weren’t released on CD, I think we can say that Café Buono! and Matsuura’s Double Rainbow tie for the title of “most original” H!P album, by number of new tracks alone, if all new tracks on these albums are non-covers.

Can’t wait … ^_^

EDIT: I just realized I completely forgot about the FOLK SONGS and Douyou Pops series. But these are cover albums anyway. I’ll fill them in later…

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